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What is CryptoName?

CryptoName is your passport to the crypto world, as it allows you to control your name via a Token and link your crypto addresses simply to one name, your CryptoName. But not only that, also DID, email and a website can be linked to your personal CryptoName.

At present navigating around the crypto world can be confusing, since you have to use lengthy DiD & wallet addresses, this unfortunately could lead to mistakes.

CryptoName aims to simplify the experience and reduce the mistakes made by linking one name to all addresses.

By purchasing " Brian.elastos.name “ for example, you can then link this name to your CryptoName compatible DID, crypto wallet, web address, email etc.

If someone wishes to send you BTC, ELA, ETH or USTD using the Elephant wallet, you will only need to insert "Brian" in to the address bar as the Elephant wallet has adopted the CryptoName service.

Simply purchase your CryptoName from our platform and follow the registration process. Since your CryptoName is a Token (CYN) and you own it (annual renewal fees apply). You will be able to store it, transfer it or sell it via our online auction platform (coming soon).


The price of a CryptoName Token is not fixed. There are three categories of domain names: Platinum CryptoNames, Golden CryptoNames and Silver CryptoNames. Each category has different prices, see below for details.

Platinum (Reserved)

  • No more than 2 letters
  • Starting prices will be announced soon
  • Will be sold via our auction platform
  • (coming soon)
  • Annual renewal fee 10 ELA

2 letters


  • 3 letters
  • Starting at 10 ELA
  • Price increases by 0.01 ELA until 30 ELA
  • At 30 ELA it decreases by 0.01% back to 10 ELA
  • Annual renewal fee 3 ELA

3 letters


  • 4 and more letters
  • Starting at 2 ELA
  • Price increases by 0.001 ELA until 6 ELA
  • At 6 ELA it decreases by 0.01% back to 2 ELA
  • Annual renewal fee 0.5 ELA

4 or more letters

How to get your CryptoName?

To get your CryptoName you will need only three things: An Elephant wallet, a MetaMask wallet and some ELA/ETHSC.


Prepare your MetaMask wallet

This step requires importing the Elephant wallet mnemonics into MetaMask in order to set up the Elastos Ethereum sidechain. You can follow the walkthrough here.


Register your CryptoName

Open the register page to register your name and purchase your name.


Setup your CryptoName domain

Fill in the necessary information and submit, it will take you less than a minute.

View and check your domain home page

You can share your personal homepage https://YourName.elastos.name to your friends, and they can view your personal information here.

Anyone who knows your name can also open this page directly to view your information.

Others can also directly click on the send button on this page to transfer money to you.


You are the real owner

With proof of ownership based on the blockchain token, no one can take away ownership of your CryptoName.

Based on Smart Contracts

Based on the Elastos Ethereum Sidechain allow the users to buy or resale their CryptoNames.

Human friendly names

Once registered, there is no need to use the long confusing hash address, simply give the sender your CryptoName.


To purchase a CryptoName, you do not need to give any personal information. It is completely anonymous.


Once you own your CryptoName, it is your asset. You are free to give and to sell to anyone that you choose.


You have undisputed authority over your CryptoName, which means it can't be controlled by others or proxied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you any questions? You can first look at the following questions.